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$99 each session / 1hr.

Instead of a full blown makeup session from A-Z, these 'mini sessions' are ideal for those of you who may need some tweaking on your current makeup skills or you may be someone who just does not know where to start but would like to give it a try. 

These hands on MakeUp 'mini sessions' were created to focus on certain "pain points" that you may either need to learn or tweak.

The reason I broke these down into 'mini sessions' is because I wanted to ensure that you become more confident in applying your own makeup with skill.  These 'mini sessions' are fun and full of knowledge and techniques that you can apply right away.

Feel free to bring your own makeup or use mine, no matter the choice, you’ll walk away feeling more confident then before.

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Brows & Lips,

Part 1.  You are shown how to precisely draw and fill your brows with tips and tricks that’s given to help make it easy each and every time.  

Part 2.  If you’re looking to learn how to do a clean lip line either overdrawn, ombre’, or the traditional lip line - let’s get it perfected.

Smokey Eye,

This is one of the most requested eye looks every lady wants to learn, even for those that would never do dramatic eyes.  It’s just something about a beautifully done smokey eye that’s intriguing.

 Soft Smokey Eye,

A soft smokey eye is a baby step to the dramatic smokey eye.  This eye look has a sultriness to it that pairs well with either a nude or dramatic lip and soft or full lashes.  This is a great eye look to learn to do that pretty much is versatile to wear on a casual day or formal outing.

  Neutral Everyday Eye,

This eye look is great for that ‘low-key’ look that compliments natural looking soft makeup and just mascara alone.  If you're new to applying eye makeup, this is a great place to start.

  Brows & Lashes,

You may be the type that prefers minimal beauty enhancement OR you may have applying your makeup down pact and just can’t seem to get those brows and lashes in order.  Whichever it is, this is a great learning session for you.

  Lashes & Lips,

Just like with ‘Brows & Lashes’, this learning session is for those that may not want a full face of makeup but just a little “umph” to your face.  Sometimes, depending on the occasion, lashes and lips is all you need.


This trend is not new.  Maybe new to you, but contouring has been around for ages.  In this session I’ll teach you how to contour successfully depending on your face shape. 

  Soft Contouring,

That’s right, there are levels to contouring.  Hard-line contouring is not for everyone or for every makeup look.  This technique, that you will learn, softly accentuates certain features you have.

  Foundation Match & Blend,

Another popular request. Some have a hard time finding that right match and formulation is essential.  This session will teach you the tools for you to use for a lifetime whenever you decide to change brands or formulation.

  Clean That Bag,


Purchasing makeup can become a “hoarding” situation.  For instance, you may buy a lengthening mascara only to realize you need more volume, then you buy a volumizing mascara to realize you now want curl, and the mascara pile starts building.  Just like other makeup products we tend to fall into not being sure of the use of the product, or the color just isn’t right, or if you’re like most, you’re scrolling on social media and impulsively purchase makeup after makeup.  Either way, we end up with tons of makeup that may have expired, not sure how to use it, or just not sure if it’s right for you.  Well that’s what this session is all about.  You bring alllllll of your makeup and brushes and I’ll go through it piece by piece.  Whatever needs to be replaced, thrown out, or is just not right for you - we’ll get to the bottom line of it and get it sorted out.  


Additionally, during this session, I’ll get to know more about your makeup style and concerns, and I’ll give a list of suggestions to help amp up your makeup bag.

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