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Microshade TouchUp (8 Wks)  $99

CURRENT CLIENTS ONLY!!!  This touch-up appointment should be scheduled to be performed within 8 weeks after your initial visit.  Important --> After 8 weeks you will be charged an additional fee. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Additional TouchUp $175.

Most common for clients with oily skin, heavy sweat glands, clients who workout/exercise a lot, and tan often.  Must be done within 4-6 months after first touch up

Annual Touch Up (After 1yr) $225.



Additional Brow Services
Eyebrow Extensions
Mink hairs are applied to the brows/skin with skin safe adhesive to fill in thin and sparse areas to create entirely new natural looking brows.
Can last up to 3 weeks with proper at home care.



Eyebrow Tint/Henna  $65.

Eyebrow Wax  $21.
Eyebrow Wax with Fill $27.

*Natural Brow $110
*Diva Brow (with Brow Tint) $165

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