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Frequently Asked Questions

Mink Lash Extensions

"Will the lashes cause irritation? I have sensitive eyes."

Sensitivities come in many forms. If the question is whether the lashes itself will cause irritation, that depends on the application/technique. We place our lashes 1-2 mm away from your actual natural lash-line where your skin meets the lashes. This way the extension never touches the lash line, and the tiny amount of adhesive will never touch your skin. Lashes or adhesive that touches the skin can cause itching, poking and general discomfort. We use our expertise and precision in our application technique.

"Why do I need to be back for a fill within 2 weeks?"

Some lash technicians claims that lashes can last up to 8 weeks...even months! We find that after 2 weeks, the lashes will have grown out and because of the inevitable nature of gravity, this growth creates added weight for your natural lash can stress out your lash follicle over time. Lashes maintained on a recurring 2 week schedule and replaced before this happens will ensure that you have a non-damaging full set of lashes that can last WITHOUT ANY BREAKS so long as you keep within a 2 week fill schedule. Keep in mind that filling after 2 weeks is a disservice to you since as soon as you get your fill, the older lashes that may have been holding on are close to falling out and you will have effectively put your lashes on a cycle that will have you chasing that full look all the time.


"What is Volume Lashes?"

This is an advanced technique that even we had to go back to square 1 in our training to master. It originated in Russia where some of the worlds top lash extension trainers and judges came up with this technique of applying more than 1 lash at a time to your natural lash. This technique uses only the thinnest of lashes in order to create fans of multiple lashes that are then attached to your natural lash. Although the process is longer than the classic lash extension process, your refill is typically set at 4 weeks. For those that are not ready to take the plunge of Volume Lashes, we recommend our mink strip lashes that are actually easy to apply.


"Lash After Care...What do I do?"

Definitely follow the basic rules - no water within the 1st 24 hours, do not sleep on them, refrain from pulling and tugging on them, avoid steam, and only use oil free products near the eyes. Above all, practice good hygiene and a general rule of thumb is to be gentle. Naturally one of your eyes will lose lashes faster than then the other. Mostly because of sleep patterns. Wash your face using gentle oil free cleanser. If you must use makeup, invest in our oil free products - they will last longer. If you want the fullness, splurge for our Full Set and skip the eye makeup altogether. The more lashes applied, the less noticeable the loss after 2 weeks.


"Will the Lashes Look Fake?"

Any of our sets look natural. No matter the service, be it Classic or Volume...the material we use is what makes it believable. The difference between the 2 style techniques is just the fullness. We need a natural lash to attach an extension to, so Classic lashing is no more than what you already have and volume lashing allows you
to go bigger on volume but the weights are adjusted for a softer, lighter look while going up in volume if you do not have many lashes.

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