"Flexible Pay"

Agreement Terms

by Boudoir Skin & Beauty Bar

All applicants must adhere and comply to these agreement terms

1).  I understand and agree that "Flexible Pay" is NOT financing, a loan, or line of credit.  

"Flexible Pay" is a pay (installment) option program designed and created by Boudoir Skin & Beauty Bar, Inc. which simply allows me to make payments (installments) that are automatically withdrawn weekly/bi-weekly with my permission and authorization from my debit/credit account.

2).  I understand that Boudoir Skin & Beauty Bar, Inc. does NOT have the right to share any of my personal information with any third party companies.

3).  I understand and agree that Boudoir Skin & Beauty Bar, Inc. will not have any rights to my banking or credit card information.  All banking and credit card information will solely be entered by me using their merchant service, Square, Inc..  Square, Inc. full customer privacy policy is available to view HERE.

4).  I understand and agree that this is solely a pay installment program, that there are no additional fees or interest accrued if all payments are made by the due date.

5).  I understand and agree that if I make a late payment, a $10 late fee will be charged.  A $30 collection fee may also be applied if any payment is still outstanding more than 7 days after my due date.

6).  I understand and agree that I have the option to make 8 weekly payments/installments OR 4 bi-weekly payments/installments towards my service;  That an installment schedule will be sent to me once my initial payment is made.

7).  I understand that only ONE service at a time can be used for the "Flexible Pay" program.

8).  I understand that only selective services can only be applied towards the "Flexible Pay" program.  A list of said selective services can be found HERE.

9).  I understand that all payments/installments made towards my service are non-refundable.

10).  I understand and agree that I can change my debit/credit card information only once.  More than once will forfeit my past payments and will have to start my payment process and pay schedule again.

11).  I understand that if my debit/credit card is ever "declined" at any time, this automatically voids and forfeit 

all past and future payments and also cancels out my appointment.  I also understand that I would no longer be able to utilize the "Flexible Pay" option again if such occurrence happens.


 ​"This was my first time getting my lashes done.  I was nervous about how they would look on me.  They were very professional and made sure all my questions were answered before she began, which helped to calm my nerves.  The ambiance of the studio was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep.  My eyelashes look amazing! I LOVE them!" 

Tovonia, Eyelash Client


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