Our Mink Eyelash Extensions are premium quality lashes specially designed

to feel light and natural to provide length and volume.  Our lashes are curved to replicate a natural eyelash.  Your lashes will look and feel completely real.

Mink Half Set  $99.

(Please note: This service is not recommended for

clients with naturally sparse or thin/fine eyelashes).

50% lashes applied to each eye

This service does NOT offer refills!


"Boudoir" Natural Set  $140.

75% lashes applied on each eye.

2wk Refill $75 / 4wk Refill $95


Mink Full Set  $175.

100% lashes applied to each natural lash

2wk Refill $85 / 4wk Refill $105


Volume Set 2d-4d  $210.

Add texture, depth, length, and volume to your natural lashes with 2-4 mink lashes to each individual natural lash.  These volume lashes are SUPER light in weight for your natural lash to support without damage to your lashes.

3wk Refill $105

LVL Keratin Lash Lift  $99.

This an advanced keratin based technology designed to boost, lengthen, and lift natural eyelashes without the need for mascara.

Lash Lift with Tint  $125.

This service includes mascara tint.



Light Lash Services

Outer Corner Mink Singles  $55.

Mink eyelash extensions applied to outer corner lashes only.

Outer Corner Volume  $80.

2d-4d volume lashes applied to outer corner lashes only.



Lash Removal  $45.



 ​"This was my first time getting my lashes done.  I was nervous about how they would look on me.  They were very professional and made sure all my questions were answered before she began, which helped to calm my nerves.  The ambiance of the studio was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep.  My eyelashes look amazing! I LOVE them!" 

Tovonia, Eyelash Client


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